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Kaikille jäsenhakemuksen 31.3.2017 mennessä jättäneille lahjoitamme yhden Papermaking Science and Technology-kirjan. Jäsenkampanja on voimassa 25.1.-31.3.2017 asti. 

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The UPM Bioforce traineeship is an opportunity to develop and challenge yourself in an international working environment abroad. Be a part of our team in one of our locations in Germany or Uruguay and come back stronger than ever with great life experiences and a bunch of new skills and contacts. 

The application period to The UPM Bioforce traineeship ends on 28 February. Learn more about trainee positions here: UPM Bioforce Traineeship

The new name of the association is now officially Forest Products Engineers. The new name will be used in the communications from now on. The new webpages will be officially launched in the coming days at We are not updating these current pages actively anymore.